How we work
The waste governance
In such a fragmented sector we are the sole company to propose a 4 phases organizational model – analysis, planning, action, follow-up – to monitor the whole process from a legal, operational, economical and safety point of view. The waste management distracts the industrial company from its core business, involves significant responsibilities (also penal) and may cause damages sometimes irreversible to people, environment and to the company reputation. For many companies we are the sole partner dealing with the waste matter, and we deal with it every day with the serious consideration it deserves.
IT System
The IT system
Our strength, which distinguishes us from the others, is the IT company home system, web-based, continuously updated, perfectly compatible and interoperable with SISTRI, the Control System of Waste of the Ministry of Environment. The result is: monitoring in real time of the situation, fast and streamlined operations, waste categories always updated, documentary processes which close by themselves.
Certification are our crowning glories. We are pride of them. They represent a serious and strict assessment path, to which we submit ourselves voluntarily because we are aware of our commitment to excellence.

  • Certificate for Excellence (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001)
  • Organizational model LD 231 (since 2007)
  • IMS, Integrated Management System
  • CPR ‚ Italian Code of Responsible Payments