About us
The company
We were born 20 years ago with the goal of providing a unique, tailor-made service. A difficult challenge, because it was about industrial waste, a sector in continuous and rapid development. It was a necessary challenge though, because it was the only way to relief the management from the technical rigidity of a complex and difficult sector, full of tricks, and to let it focus on the core business and on the company mission.
Our vision
We strongly believe that the waste management has to be a continuous improvement process. This is the reason why we work every day for every customer, designing the best industrial waste solutions governance, whatever typology, category, quantity and dangerousness they are. We develop the correct physical flows and we manage on real time the documentary ones, fully respecting the environment and the regulations in force.
Our values
Responsability is the core value of our activity and success. We are a mediator registered in the National Register, in category 8 A, the maximum in the sector, and we manage on behalf of our customers more than 100,000 tons per year of industrial waste. A commitment which allow us to identify among the many possible solutions the more adequate to the specific needs of the single customer. The choice of not owing plants or transportation lines relieves us from any kind of conflict of interest. The only interest we care about is our customers’ one.
Our customers
Our customers include multinational companies which produce waste of every typology and quantity. Our operational sites are the Italian major industrial districts, from where the companies spread their activity all over the world. Our organization has a widespread coverage, ready and trained on site: our Area Managers, continuously updated and dedicated to every customer, are available 24H, for any necessity.